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Recent Updates...
WR Repeaters
Updated Feb 2014

You can download a PDF file of all the Wildrose Repeaters and DStar registered users for VE6WRN / WRO here.
   updated by Dennis VE6BGZ

DStar Repeaters
VE6WRN 146.805  -1.2M
                444.925 +5M
                1287.500  -20M

VE6WRT  147.390+ (Hailstone)
  Offline - Hope to return Summer '14

FM Repeaters
VA6TWO 927.0125 -25M PL 131.8
VE6RPT 444.900+ PL 218.1 (D)
VE6RPT 146.940- PL 131.8
VE6WRT 224.940- (Hailstone)
     Link to Parks Rpt    
     Current Status: Winter Mode

Park Repeaters - PL 131.8
VE6BNF 146.670- (Banff)
VE6BNP 146.880- (L. Louise)
VE7KNP 146.700- (N-Kootenay)
VE7PNR 146.880- (S-Kootenay)
VE6AMP 147.030- (Nester 10,300'+)

VE6MPR Hub Repeater 444.7875+
   All Parks repeaters link via 6MPR

New Yaesu System Fusion Rpt..
VE6WRN 444.8875+ PL131.8
  C4FM FDMA    See: Fusion
Wildrose Amateur Radio
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Designed by Dale VE6CPK
Yaesu's System Fusion has come to the Wildrose Network....clcik on the red link for more details...
Apr.10.14  The gateway at VE6WRN is offline until further notice.  We have had a computer failure.

Yaesu's System Fusion is coming to the Wildrose Network very soon.  Stay tune for details.  Click on the Red Link above for updates.

  Wildrose goes P25!  <--Click on Link for more details.

Initial details on the repeater are below:

VE6RPT UHF 444.900 MHz + PL 218Hz Analog
                        444.900 MHz + $293 Astro Digital P-25

Dennis VE6BGZ did some research on the new 60 meter band.  Here are a few links that you may find of interest:   Link1        Link2       Link3

New DStar ID-5100 radio announced by Icom.  Check it out here.

Jan.23.14  Industry Canada has announced that a number of specific frequencies within the 60 meter high frequency band have been approved for amateur radio use.  This is now in effect. For more information check out the following RAC link or:


There has been some new/updated files added to the Wildrose Support section.  In particular the Icom 880H DStar radio (thanks to Dennis VE6BGZ for these files).  Some of the other DStar radios have had some updates as well.  If you have any files that we can all use please let me know, VE6CPK.

I have added a few pictures of Walter and some of his friends in the photo gallery.  Have a look...   Walter passed away on Oct 21.

Nov.01.13  Welcome to the new Wildrose Amateur Radio web page. Most of the links that were here before are still here, most of which are under the pull down tabs above.  So have a look around as there are lots to look at.  The photo gallery will be updated from time to time so check it out. This page is still undergoing lots of work so be sure to come back and have a look. If you have any comments please feel free to leave a message as I would like to hear from you.  You can leave me a message under the pull down tab CONTACTS and click on VE6CPK.  Enjoy!!!

A few quick notes, VE6WRT 220 repeater on Hailstone Butte has been put into winter mode.  As you will recall last winter the repeater was producing a howlling sound when keyed which echoed through the network.  Temperature had to be just below the freezing mark for this to occurr.  Much of the winter at that altitude is below freezing so we decided this year to put the repeater into safe mode.  This had to be done before it did get cold.  You will hear it but will not be able to key it.  We were planning to do something about it this summer but with the roads all washed out in the area it never happened.  Maybe next year.

    The DStar repeater package in Banff has been removed.  The ongoing cost was getting a bit much for us so it was decided to have it removed.  Not sure at this time what the future plans are for this package.  The local Banff FM repeater VE6BNF will continue to run for now and can be worked in Calgary via VE6AMP.  The Park repeaters all continue to work well, voltages at mountain sites are good.
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Apr 10/2014
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